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Style Sink Portable Shampoo Bowl
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The Style Sink Portable Shampoo Bowl is constructed of a durable plastic and ideal for stylists on-the-go! This sink differs from other portable sink in that you can hook it up to your running sink and have a functional shampoo sink any where you go. No more emptying buckets!


Are you a hairstylist that does hair out of your home or on the go? If so, the Style Sink is for you! The Style Sink allows you to be completely mobile, yet still professional. We all know that the hair wash is the best part of getting your hair done. With the Style Sink you are able to offer your clients the complete salon experience, regardless of the setting.


The Style Sink hooks up to the your kitchen, bathroom, washroom or even a regular hose faucet. The special plumbing works with a running water source to suck the water from the Style Sink. It utilizes existing plumbing for water source and drainage.  This eliminates the need for a bucket that needs to be dumped out every few minutes.

Because the sink is so lightweight, it makes it ideal for travelling to onsite locations or your clients home. Style Sink is the only portable shampoo sink to offer this kind of innovation. So say goodbye to washing clients hair over a kitchen sink and hello to providing a luxurious, professional experience for your business.

  • Extra-large capacity: 20 in. x 19 in. x 9-1/2 in. deep
  • Strong pedestal base with 1-1/2 in. diameter and 5 legs (22 in. diameter base)
  • Height adjustable from 39 in. to 55 in. from floor to top of basin when parallel
  • Tilt-able to allow neck rest to dip to about 33 in. from floor
  • Made of durable ABS composite
  • Drain hose length: 6 ft.
  • Sprayer hose length: 8 ft.
  • Sprayer hose has 3 adjustable settings


How Style Sink was created

The original style sink started out of necessity. I was working in a salon full time up until I started a family with my husband. Even though I was no longer working in a salon, my clients still wanted me to service their hair. I bought a salon chair so I could resume cutting and styling hair in my home. I soon began to notice that I was unable to provide a salon experience to my clients. I have long believed that the shampoo and style is the best part of any visit to a salon. While I was washing hair and rinsing color at home, my clients needed to bend over our sink. This was not a salon experience nor did I feel it was professional. With the help of my husband, we set out to learn how to provide a way to be at home with our children, yet provide a salon experience to my clients. I found that there was a portable shampoo sink that provided some of what I was looking for but still fell short of a salon experience. Enter the Style Sink: A lightweight, portable shampoo basin that includes a sprayer and plumbing to piggy back off of many types of faucets. After many prototypes and revisions, we are proud to offer the Style Sink to multitudes of mobile and work from home stylists across the globe.

Top 3 Beinfits for the Style Sink

You dont have to bend over the sink

You don’t have to bend over the Sink

With the Style Sink you can sit back and relax. No need to put unnecessary stress on your neck. Give your clients the salon experience no matter the location. The padded neck rest adds extra comfort in all the right places. The Style Sink is adjustable so unlike true shampoo sinks, the Style Sink allows you to provide a custom experience for you clients.

It’s Portable

Weighing less than 7 pounds the Style Sink was designed with mobility in mind. Whether you are traveling on site or just need to store the sink after serving clients, rest assured you can move it where you need it.

No More Buckets

No More Buckets

The current market of portable sinks provide no way for automatic drainage. That means filling up buckets of water and dumping them out every time it fills up. With a 5 gallon bucket weighing in at about 40 pounds, who wants that extra headache every couple minutes?

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